Whether you are an Exhibitor or a Visitor, read this FAQ which will give you most of the information about Namaste Bharat , the first Global Online Expo.


How does an online exhibition work?
The Online Exhibition or online platform gives an opportunity to buyers and sellers all around the globe to trade on one organised digital platform. You can display your product images, catalogues and videos on the platform to attract global buyers.’

Will I be able to display all my products in an online exhibition?
It would be better if you have selected 25 products in an online exhibition which will have greater visibility. You can display a catalogue of all your products on the online platform. You also have the option to have your own website & social media links on Namaste Bharat Site.

How do I generate Sales leads from an online exhibition?
The Organisers will do pre event marketing to attract buyers to visit our online exhibition, you need to follow up with the leads to convert them. Your product images, catalogues and presentation videos should be presentable and impressive to attract buyers. During the exhibition too there will be extensive marketing campaign to attract visitors.

How do I carry sales in an online setting?
Yes, sales are possible online, the quantity of goods for sale you commit should be ready with you and depending upon the location of the buyer the date and delivery charges to be mentioned. If not you can chat with the buyer and decide accordingly before committing.

How long does my exhibitor profile remain live?
All exhibition profile remains live for 10 Days from their launch. The Namaste Bharat exhibition is live 24-7 and drives traffic through regular promotional activities and launches.

What Support do I get from Organisers to upload my products & exhibit in my profile?
The Uploading of products catalogue & Video is easy to on the platform. Our team will guide you on doing the same however all display & uploading have to be done by the exhibitors themselves. Training session will be conducted to guide the exhibitors.

Do you have online Goody Bag?
As organiser we do not have a goody bag provision for this exhibition however you can have one at your stall. The goody bag can be in form of gift coupons / discount coupons etc. you can also have provision of actual goods like Logo Mugs, Pens etc and latter shipped to clients. The costs must be borne by the seller/exhibitor.

What are the terms and conditions of the booking?
Please see the details of Terms & Conditions on the website.

Can I change products on my stand?
The content editor remains live throughout your attendance at the show, meaning you can change the products on your stand whenever you want. This is a great way of keeping the stand fresh and generating fresh sales leads.

Will the exhibition have themed & segregated areas based on products?
To begin with, the different product categories of the exhibition will be labeled with 28 categories as we will encourage groups to exhibit together. However, the visitors will be able to segregate the visit based on products category. On the landing page the visitor will be able to see segment wise lists.

How will I be able to attract more audience in my stall for my products category?
By placing your products in the relevant category and put upload product pictures. The product name will also take the visitor directly to the type of product in each category.

Is there any opportunity to have my banners/ advertisement in the online exhibition?
Yes, there are number of opportunities available to highlight your company & logo in your profile on the platform. Additionally, we also have some paid banners on the lobby or landing page. This will ensure more visibility for your products. Our sales team will be glad to guide you for the same

What are the benefits of participating in an online exhibition?
Online exhibition brings you closer to buyers from different geographical locations and increases your buyers base. Online exhibition can enhance your understanding of the international buyers requirements.

What are the benefits of participating in an online exhibition?
Online exhibition brings you closer to buyers from different geographical locations and increases your buyers base. Online exhibition can enhance your understanding of the international buyers requirements.

Is there a mobile app available for the event?
The event is accessed through the website www.namastebharat.world , no App at the moment.

Can we directly deal with the buyers outside the platform?
The Exhibitors can directly deal outside the platform. The Organiser will not be liable for payments or any discrepancy in the deal.

What is the event about?
Namaste Bharat is an online exhibition featuring Made in India products and exhibitors from across India, who can interact with and sell their products to visitors from various countries globally.

How is it going to work?
You set up online shop, bulk and retail buyers visit your window and purchase items/submit RFQs. Visitors who will like your products can directly interact with you by live video app in built on the platform or through the phone numbers of exhibitors mentioned.

How do we make a sale?
After receiving a RFQ you can send quotation if the buyer is interested You can use our logistics partner to ship item or ship it yourself, you receive payment once the product has been shipped.

What is the entry fee?
We have Jai ho package for exhibitors for INR 25000/US$350.
For visitors it’s free.

Is it expensive to do online Business?
We charge nominal fees for our live platform for 10 days. Along with this we provide complete back end support from the time you register till after the end of the Online Exhibition! So in that sense it is much economical compared to other methods.

Which MSME have you partnered with?
We have partnered with various Export Promotion Councils from India and FIEO, which is recognised by the MSME.

Do you have any provision for women entrepreneurs?
Namaste Bharat supports entrepreneurial women and offers discounted pricing to all women entrepreneurs. We have also partnered with ‘Zhep’ & Amhi Udyoghini which are organisations for promotion of women entrepreneurs.

What is the guarantee we make this successful in the pandemic?
The pandemic has only grown the digital world of business and we are confident that our online exhibition platform will boost you B2B contacts and retail sale!

Where are you operating from?
Namaste Bharat is an online exhibition event organised by de ideaz, which is a leading event management firm in Singapore.

Why only 25 products to display?
We encourage you to showcase 25 of your best products and you can also upload your catalogue of the wide range of products you offer.

Can I provide my website link?
Yes, You can add your website link to your profile.

Will you give visitor database to exhibitors?
Yes, we provide visitor database of viewers who have shown interest in your field.

Will you give visitor database to exhibitors?
Yes, we provide visitor database of viewers who have shown interest in your field.

What are the ways in which you are targeting visitors?
We are doing extensive marketing through various media like Print, Radio, Social Media Marketing, various Business council across globe, The Singapore Indian High Com is supporting the event. We have supporting business organisation from USA, Japan , Africa, Australia and other countries.
How many Visitors are you expecting during the exhibition?
We have been in the on-ground exhibition business for past 10 years in Singapore. We have experience in marketing & visitor pulling built over this years. We have sizeable database built over these years not just for Singapore but other countries as well. We have partnered around 28 organisations across the globe who will introduce Namaste Bharat in their respective countries. So we expect a good amount of traction for the exhibition.

Can I have some paid promotion to highlight my products in category I have

No we do not have any paid feature to highlight your products on the site. Every product will be auto shuffled in the moving marquee panel. Similarly the search is by product type and category.

Do you have any account manager who can provide me analysis on my products
and to push up my products?

No we do not have a dedicated account manager concept at the moment for our exhibition. However we have AI based system wherein you can see the visitors who have shown interest in products similar to yours.

Is the sale governed by laws and act like Customs duty, GST etc?
Namaste Bharat is just a market place and a platform for exhibiting & selling your products. All government norms, rules & regulation to be followed during normal trade practice have to be understood and followed by all exhibitors. Namaste bharat team or De Ideaz will in no way be responsible for any rules being flouted by any exhibitor as they are required by rule of land.

Do Visitors have to except terms & conditions before buying the products?
Just like exhibitors, buyers to have to accept terms & conditions set up by Namaste Bharat.

Does the Site support communicating with buyers directly?
Yes Namaste Bharat is a unique Platform wherein the exhibitor details as well as the visitors details are showcased to each other, so that if required they can take the discussion offline.

Does Namaste Bharat assure about the authenticity of Exhibitors/ visitors on the site? Can we be assured of doing business with the Exhibitor/ visitors?
Namaste Bharat is just a trading market place , it cannot technically or logically check the credentials of each Exhibitor or Visitor. We strong suggest you do all the checks through procedures of referral checks before any transactions.

Namaste Bharat does not facilitate return of products once purchased on site.

The buyer can get in touch with the seller directly and wish to communicate the reasons for return.

Namaste Bharat does not guarantee the obligation of a seller to facilitate any returns or refunds !


What if I want to opt for an exchange?
Namaste Bharat does not facilitate any returns or exchange of products once purchased

Namaste Bharat will refund the monetary value once paid, only if the seller fails to dispatch the product.

No refunds apart from the above scenario will be credited by Namaste Bharat once a sale has been made.
The buyer may wish to contact the seller directly for any information on refunds and returns !


What logistics support do I get to send my products to the buyer?
While we have partner logistics company who can ship your products to clients globally, it is not mandatory to work with our appointed logistic partner. The seller/exhibitor can arrange their own logistics company.

Who is your Logistics Partner?
Our current logistics partner is DHL & BlueDart & Logistics aggregator ShipRocket.
For any further queries related to Logistics, please get in touch with Mr. Premdarsh – +91 7506301177 from DHL

How to avail DHL services as an exhibitor?
We will provide an option of quotation for every delivery box. This will be integrated to our platform where you can seek immediate quotations and hence commit to the buyers accordingly.

Can I use my own delivery partner?
Yes, as an exhibitor feel free to use your own logistics support.

As a visitor, will I receive a refund if exhibitor fails to deliver my product?
Yes, you will.

What if the goods I ordered are damaged in transit ?
A Transit Insuarance fee can be paid to our logistics partner to insure your product’s delivery without any monetary damage.


Which online Gateway is Namaste Bharat using ?
Namaste Bharat has partnered with RazorPay as its payment gateway.

What payment methods can be used ?
Visitors/Buyers can pay using their cards, net-banking, UPI and internationally accepted wallets through our payment gateway.

Will there be a deduction in payment received from the payment gateway?
There will be a charge of 10% to facilitate credit card facility and international payments, for exhibitors. This includes some administration charges too. Visitors will be charges as per payment gateway norms.

What are the payment settlement options for exhibitors?
All payment settlement will be made in India.
Please get in touch with us if you want your case to be handled in a different manner

How do I receive the payment for the goods sold online, as an exhibitor?
Once the goods are delivered to the buyer in agreed acceptable condition, the payment will be released within seven working days to the seller.